Waimea Valley

Waimea Valley is a rich and culturally significant wahi pana (storied place). Historically, the Valley has been home to and ruled by a long line of Ali‘i Ni (Kings), Ali‘i (Chiefs), and Kahuna Nui (High Priests). The last Kahuna Nui (High Priest) to reside in the Valley was Hewahewa, who was a High Priest from the Island of Hawai‘i.


Waimea Valley is a place where conservation of natural resources and culture go hand in hand. Careful monitoring and restoration of native ecosystems within the ahupua‘a of Waimea Valley demonstrates how cultural uses and gathering can encourage stewardship from within the local community. An ahupua‘a, or watershed, is an ancient Hawaiian concept of resource use and management of a particular division of land that connects the mountains to the reefs and the sea. We will continue our commitment to protect and restore our ahupua‘a for further generations.

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