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The Mokichi Okada Association’s (MOA) health and wellness program is based on the unique perspectives in the natural healing of people. It incorporates various trends of integrative complementary and alternative healing therapies based on the respect and adaptation to nature and nature's laws. It is with the belief that as one strengthens their body, mind and spirit, one will have a “life filled with beauty.”

To be healthy in mind and body, it is important to live a healthy lifestyle in a healthy environment. There are several components to MOA’s Health and Wellness Program. In the area of Nature Farming the goal is to teach and provide fresh and pure natural grown vegetables and natural food products to achieve true health by consuming healthy meals and enjoying its natural flavors. Nature Farming is defined as the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The ultimate objective of these farms and gardens is to make the most of the inherent power of natural compost and the living soil. Within the living soil, there is the highest regard and respect in the manifestation of the pertinent amounts of organisms and micro-organisms that MOA Nature Farming has great hope of securing human health.


A partnership with Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods is a true balance in our health and ecosystem. Forests of native Koa trees provide wildlife corridors to return native habitat for Hawaii’s rarest birds and plants. Every two Koa trees planted can supply enough oxygen annually to support a family of four. Trees help to stop erosion while drawing in moisture from the atmosphere helping to replenish Hawaii’s water shed areas. As we work together, we can eat well, breathe healthier and enjoy nature in a life filled with beauty.

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