HLRI Mission Statement

The MISSION of the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative is to develop scientific, economic and ecologically sustainable models and practices that would:


  • Restore and improve the Hawaiian forest to land it occupied in the past,
  • Allow landowners to profitably establish and maintain permanent forests on these lands,
  • Protect our native flora and fauna,
  • Sequester carbon and other eco-assets
  • Educate and entrain the general public into being part of the solution
  • Recharge our watersheds
  • Allow individuals and businesses an opportunity to help their favorite charities through the planting of trees
  • Accomplish the mission in a way that enhances the understanding of the relationship of Hawaiian cultural practices to the natural resources of the endemic Hawaiian forest
  • Develop new utilization methods that advance the use and economics of native Hawaiian woods
  • Develop new technologies that allow more practical management of the forest

Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative

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Phoenix Award Winner  for Excellence in Sustainability and Conservation