Give the gift of a living legacy by sponsoring an endemic Legacy Tree. You will receive a beautiful, embossed certificate and the knowledge that $30 went to the charity of your choice. Additionally, we donate $1 from each Legacy Tree to The Hawaiian Islands Land Trust. The remainder funds collecting seeds by hand, raising your seedling in our nurseries, planting your tree to create a forest, fencing out pests, clearing invasive species, and of course, the RFID tagging so you can track your tree.

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King Koa

Legacy Tree



King Koa (Acacia koa) is a native Hawaiian tree of exceptional beauty. It has been all but eliminated from the lower elevations on all of the Hawaiian Islands. Koa is so variable in its appearance as to defy classification. It can be everything from red to brown to golden and even ivory. The grain can be straight, but the most valuable of koa exhibits a curly figure that creates the illusion that you are looking right through the surface. It finishes to a rich luster and depth that has made it a treasured resource for Hawaiian heirloom furniture. The Hawaiian Islands were once blanketed in koa forests with the largest trees being sought out for dugout canoes. The wood was so prized that it was used for virtually everything in contact with the Ali'i (Hawaiian royalty). The trees reach heights of 100 feet and diameters of 4 feet.

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Royal Sandalwood

Legacy Tree



Discovery of the sweet smelling Royal Sandalwood "‘Iliahi" by the outside world in 1810 created frenzied trade which all but eliminated the tree from the Hawaiian Islands by 1830. This left a trail of death and destruction not only for the tree but for the Hawaiian people as well. Although these forests were ravaged, sandalwood trees still survive today, tucked away on less accessible mountain slopes. Through the efforts of the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative and other caring individuals like you, these incredible sandalwood trees are making a comeback. These trees belong to all generations, and with your help we can save Hawai‘i’s tree at a time.

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Monarch Milo

Legacy Tree



Milo is a beautiful and spiritually important tree used in and around temples throughout Polynesia. It

continually produces showy bright yellow flowers with maroon centers. These blooms start out yellow in the morning then turn to a dark orange later in the day.

The beautiful wood was prized by Hawaiians to make bowls, calabashes, carvings and musical instruments. Even the Waikīkī home of King Kamehameha I was known for being surrounded by Milo trees. It was revered in the Hawaiian community, considered a sacred tree and its use was once forbidden to commoners.

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ʻŌhiʻa Lehua

Legacy Tree



There is a Hawaiian legend tied to the 'Ohi'a tree; its flower, the Lehua blossom; and the volcano goddess, Pele. Hawaiian mythology tells the tale of two young lovers named 'Ohi'a and Lehua. Pele, the goddess of volcanoes, was also in love with the handsome 'Ohi'a. In a jealous rage, Pele turned

'Ohi'a into a tree. Lehua was devastated. The other gods, pitying Lehua, turned her into a flower of the 'Ohi'a tree so they could be together. The legend says, however, that if the Lehua blossom is plucked from the 'Ohi'a tree, the lovers will be separated once again, causing rain to fall.

'Ohi'a is so important to the survival of Hawai'i's native birds. It would be hard to imagine a vibrant avifauna without it, but the tree is increasingly threatened by plant diseases.

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Family Forest of King Koa


Many individuals and organizations are looking to do even more for the reforestation of Hawai'i while creating a lasting legacy. For these special people we offer the Hawaiian Legacy Family Forest, collections of King Koa Legacy Trees that will grow together to form a smaller forest within the Legacy Forest.  Please contact us for more information on planting a Family Forest.

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