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Friends of the Library of Hawai‘i (FLH) has supported libraries and literacy in Hawai‘i for over 130 years. As the primary non-profit organization supporting the Hawai‘i State Public Library System, FLH continues our support through book sales and other fundraisers. FLH is also the primary used-book repository on the island of O‘ahu and through the tireless work of hundreds of dedicated volunteers, we processes over half a million donations of used books and media each year. Much of this is reused and sold at bargain prices to support literacy with the proceeds going to programming at the public libraries. Donations that cannot be reused through sales are channeled to other non-profits or recycled with Hagadone.


We are proud to partner with the Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods, Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative. For each $90 sponsorship of a Legacy Tree, $30 will go towards supporting the Friends of the Library of Hawai'i's mission and support of Hawai'i's public libraries, helping to plant the seed of knowledge in our keiki and to grow that knowledge for all members of our Hawai'i community through literacy and lifelong learning.


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$30 from every tree goes directly to FLH.

Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative

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