Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who plants the trees?

    All planting is done by HLH through their 1,000 acre sustainable forestry project. Your Legacy Tree will become part of a larger ecosystem, which will be managed by our foresters to ensure overall forest health.

  • Can I visit the tree planted in my honor?

    Yes, arrangements can be made to visit or plant your own tree by contacting HLH and scheduling a tour by calling 1-844-REFOREST (Fees Apply).

  • How can I identify my Legacy Tree?

    Our Information Technology specialists have integrated GPS/GIS (Global Positioning System / Geographic Information System) mapping systems with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) tagging of each tree to track each Legacy Tree.  Each tree is RFID tagged by an exact set of geographic coordinates, allowing the tree sponsor or recipient to locate their trees on maps and by satellite imagery.  You will be able to go online via our TreeTrackerTM website at to view the Legacy Tree.

  • When will the Legacy Tree(s) be planted?

    In nature, there is a season for everything and other than scheduled planting tours, the majority of our seedlings are planted during the rainy season (December through April).  Land preparation, fencing, seed collection, and seed planting occur throughout the year.

  • Exactly what does the recipient get?

    Although neither the giver nor the recipient has any ownership of the tree, the recipient will receive a certificate detailing your tree's unique RFID number and GPS coordinates, allowing you to revisit your tree at any time via our "Tree Tracker" website at  The recipient will also receive a personalized gift card with a note from the giver on recycled card stock.

  • What other trees and plants will you be planting?

    Our goal is to reintroduce a native ecosystem.  We will also be planting native understory trees and shrubs like māmane, naio, ‘iliahi (sandalwood), ʻōhiʻa, kōlea, ʻākala, and ferns.

Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative

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