Ewa Pu'uloa Outrigger Canoe Club


Our mission and purpose as Ewa Pu'uloa Outrigger Canoe Club is


(1) To provide opportunities for Hawaii's youth that they may not typically have access to through the advancement of sports at the amateur level, including Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling, by providing a safe, competitive program that emphasizes discipline and sportsmanship, and promotes character development and life skills;


(2) To preserve and protect Hawaii's natural resources by educating the community on the importance of protecting the coastal environment through learning methods that promote and facilitate a deeper understanding of our culture and values in regard to the environment and the need for its protection; and


(3) To provide opportunities for child and parent to engage in cultural activities that strengthen their relationship.



Plant your tree by sponsorship, find your tree through RFID via Google Earth, and visit the Legacy Forest on Big Island! Your Legacy Tree sponsorship supports Hawaii and the Canoe Club!


Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative

PO Box 22435 Honolulu, HI 96823




Phoenix Award Winner  for Excellence in Sustainability and Conservation