Variety School of Hawaii

In Variety School’s efforts to educate children with learning

differences, foremost among our goals is making certain

that our students are reliable citizens of Hawaii and the

World. Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods, an organization

involved in large reforestation of koa trees in Hawaii, is

presenting Variety School with an opportunity not only to

have our families partner in Legacy’s venture, but also to

give back to our school in a signi cant fundraising activity.

Students and their families may purchase a Koa Legacy

Tree for $60, naming Variety School as a beneficiary, with

$30 going towards the school’s numerous multisensory

programs. A Certificate of Planting will be provided with

each purchase, complete with GPS tracking information,

allowing the purchasers to track their tree by computer and

from apps such as Google Earth, even visiting their tree in

person through this technology.

 The significance of joining this important venture in

reforestation and conservation of Hawaii’s and the Earth’s

natural resources can be a powerful learning opportunity to

every Variety School student. It can also be a worthy family

gift marking special occasions for each student. We hope

you will consider joining Variety School of Hawaii in this

unique learning opportunity

Sponsor Koa or Sandalwood

Legacy Trees today!

$30 from every tree goes directly to Variety School of Hawaii

Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative

PO Box 22435 Honolulu, HI 96823



Phoenix Award Winner  for Excellence in Sustainability and Conservation